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Name: Jozka Baltzar (AKA: Jacob Calderas)

Nationality: Kalderash Romani
Occupation: Mechanic, machinist, aspiring musician, new owner of Murder of Crows
Demeanor: Loner
Apparent Age: Late teens, maybe twenty?

Nicknames: "Jacob Calderas", "Iavocos" (from Liane)

"Aushwitsa si sovel de kolkorro. (Auschwitz is only sleeping)."
Ceija Stojka, Romani artist and Holocaust survivor

"E manusha khelevan tut (The people make you dance)."
Romani proverb, meaning a place is nice
RP Hooks
  • New owner of Murder of Crows!
  • Looking for work? Ask for an interview.
  • Romani American from the Balkans. And you know what those people are like!
  • Family overseas? Same here, let's share the burden of homesickness.
  • Caring older brother with strong instincts to look after his family.
  • Wrench-turner and grease monkey, but with much larger dreams.
  • Immigrant punk.
  • Well-traveled and multi-lingual.
  • Plays several instruments, sings, and dances.
  • Into the mystic? Maybe Jozka will do a "reading" for you. Not that /he/ believes in it.
  • Drive a bike? Maybe you could show Jozka some good highway to tear up.
  • Sexy and I know it.
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A Glimpse Within

Used with permission by Alisa Didkovsky (

Physical Description

This handsome young man appears to take quite high level of care for personal cleanliness. His wild black hair is styled as best he can manage, which says something, as it seems to desire to fly in every direction. His tan skin is clean and smooth, with the exception of some stubble around his face, but just enough as to be stylish. Gold earrings sparkle from each ear without garnering overly much attention, though certainly presenting the most eye-catching part of his wardrobe. Dichromatic eyes of green and brown compliment his otherwise darker features and match his smile well when the mood suits him. He wears a grey cardigan under a black blazer with a pair of dark, form-fitting jeans and a pair of black boat shoes.

Allies and Contacts
Asamaski. Asamaski. Si baxtali Gadji. Bashaldi. Bashaldi. Kamen gili, mishto. Khelitori. Khelitori. Shukar gili kerel khelivan tut!
Pravarimasko. Pravarimasko. Lachto piramno. Nai skino. Nai skino. Thai maj silno. Murro baro phral. Murro baro phral. Neva familiya.