Masq Wiki Conventions

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Because we want to keep the wiki clear and well-organized, various conventions have been adopted over its lifetime. Please abide by these; they make it easier for everyone in the long run.

  • PC pages use the PC page template, and are given the same name as the bit on the game -- if you log in as 'Shiny' and your character's IC name is 'Jonah Mercer', the page you make for him should be called 'Shiny'. Active PC pagenames are one name long; save the surname (or forename, if you log in with your surname) for your infobox.
    • If you find that there's already a page at that name (perhaps there was another Shiny two years ago who's retired), please page or +mail Jai, who can archive the old page to a different name and make sure no links are broken.

  • NPC pages are based on the same template as PC pages, except with the category NPC rather than PC. They are generally named FirstnameNPC, such as 'SarahNPC'; if the NPC is referred to almost exclusively by their surname, such as a butler referred to as Jeeves, SurnameNPC is acceptable. When linking to the page, feel free to use [[FirstnameNPC|Firstname]] or even [[FirstnameNPC|Firstname Surname]], if you're so inclined.

  • Logs are named Name - Log Title, so if Shiny (from the example above) posted a log he'd titled 'A Day Out', it would be on a page called 'Shiny - A Day Out'. Follow the Log Tutorial for the template. This will allow any page using the RP Logs coding to automagically pick it up if the PC (or NPC) is in the scene, and add it to their list.

  • Similarly, blog entries are named Blog:Name - Entry Title, and the blogs themselves are at Blog:Name. The 'Name' should match the title of your PC page, so the aforementioned Shiny's would be at Blog:Shiny. See the Blogging Tutorial for more information and to start one up!

  • There is a template for location rooms, such as parks and stores, but the tutorial is not yet written. For the time being, if there's one you think needs a page, please page or +mail Petra or Jai to start it up for you. Ideally, those pages are given the full title of the overall place, such as 'Spruce Park' or 'Serenity Self-Defense Academy'. Pages for individual flats, homes, and rooms within other buildings are not generally required.

  • Streets are named Gridsquare - Room Name, such as 'E9 -- Montano Road: 800 NW'. You probably won't need to know that, since all existing streets are already on the wiki, but there it is anyway.

In general, page titles should be in title case.