Murder of Crows/Description

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The Murder of Crows -- Main Floor -- Albuquerque

 A strobe as well as numerous spotlights are available to provide suitable lighting depending on just what type of music is currently playing. The walls are painted in a deep royal purple that matches the plush carpeting on the floor that provides pathways over and around the tiles of black marble. Loud dance music and yelled bursts of conversation increase in volume as one steps deeper into the large room.

 The majority of the tables are placed on the left half of the room with a smaller number spotted around the perimeter. There is a long bar along the left wall and along the right wall is a window where the food is picked up to be delivered to customers. Offset to the left of center of the club sits a large circular bar. Suspended from the ceiling above it is a sturdy oaken frame holding glasses. The dance floor takes up most of the right side of the room and is usually filled to capacity with dancing bodies.

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Obvious exits:
Stairs <UP>   Central Avenue <O>