News FAQ

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This is a very condensed / abridged version of the FAQ inside the Visitor Center, which you can always visit again by going to #0. If you have other questions, don't be shy about asking!

Answers to frequently asked questions:


Why do I need money?

  • Masq has a limited economy based on your Resources. To see how much money you have to spend, type '$cash'. Read NEWS MONEY for additional info, including the locations of all the ATMs in town.

How do I get around town?

  • When out on the street, type +map to see the city layout and your location on the map. See +help map for additional commands.
  • Our in-game +directory is a thorough listing of Albuquerque's various landmarks and places of interest. Type +help directory for more!
  • You can use our +taxi code to get around town and go to any location on +directory. From any area on the +map, type +taxi. Once the taxi arrives, type 'enter taxi' and follow the instructions inside. Taking a taxi does cost $cash. See +help taxi for more information!
  • We do have coded vehicles! To buy a car or motorcycle, go the Sunset Car Dealership located on Central Avenue: 400 East. Cars and motorcycles cost $cash.
  • You can also use +Directions to <destination> to get from your current location to <Destination>. See +help directions for details.
  • +Meetme code is available as well to invite your friends to join you. See +help meetme for details!

Where can I get a...?

  • PHONE -- Phones can be purchased at Mobile 2 Go (located on Central Avenue: 100 East). There are three kinds of phone -- Regular, Cellular, and SmartPhones. Phones cost $cash.
  • WEAPON -- Please read NEWS WEAPONS to learn how to request a weapon for your character. All weapons must be made by weapons staff. Weapons cost $cash.
  • CODED <WHATEVER> -- The Free Code Room next to the OOC room contains various coded objects that you can @parent to enhance your RP. This does not cost $cash.

Where do I stay? How do I get a place of my own?

  • When you first get to town, you can stay in free interim housing at the Youth Hostel or Homeless Shelter.
  • You can always stay at one of our coded hotels/motels (this costs $cash). To find out specifics, type NEWS BUILDING HOTELS.
  • When you're ready to settle down in a place of your own, type NEWS BUILDING AUTO-ROOMS to learn about Masq's housing options and how to request a place to live.