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Sunbird Taxi

  Sunbird Taxi offers experienced, personable drivers and a small fleet of well-maintained vehicles. The company aims to minimize its carbon footprint, so the fleet comprises a combination of new hybrid vehicles and refurbished vintage cabs, converted to run on alternative fuels. This lessens its dependence on fossil fuels; helps keep classic, purpose-built taxis from being sent to rust in junkyards and landfills; and helps reduce pollution from new manufacture by slightly lowering demand. When walking or biking just won't do, why not consider Sunbird Taxi? Call us at 1-800-Sunbird (786-2473) or find us on the Taxigrab app!

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Associated People Logs
Jai: Owner / Cabbie
Jai11.png Runs the place, generally speaking. If you think you have what it takes to drive for Sunbird, he's the guy to see!

Also the guy to see if you need to get somewhere. Well, one of them.
Petra: Very Personal Assistant
Petra.jpg Provides word-of-mouth advertisement, takes all necessary photos, and generally helps out.
None yet!
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