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Name: Aaron (Nathan)

Full name: Aaron Swan; professionally, Nathan Hart
Occupation: Musical instrument dealer
Age: late 30s
Height: 5'10"
Played by: Tim Eriksen

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see
John Newton, 1779

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.
Mahatma Gandhi, 1919

"Because you look mysterious, as though you have freshly arrived upon the north American continent from some heady Mediterranean clime, smelling irresistibly of olives and wine, carrying nothing but a banjo and a heart full of secrets," Joel suggests why Damian picked up Nathan, scooting his chair closer to Morgan as though fleeing smacking range.

Maybe I knew when the first snows fell
And all I could think was if you were here
I'd throw a snowball at you

Damian pages: Nathan always seemed (to me) to have a weird mix of I love what I'm doing/I will drown in sorrow at any moment, so watch your step and don't slip

To Damian's protest, however, Joel just has to kind of concede with a shrug. "Oh... well... telling people to shut up is how Nathan shows he cares."

RP Hooks
11/19/2010: "Nathan, hand me that ham." "No!"

Part 1: Joel and Nathan face pulsating flesh-biscuits and demon cleavers in exploring a haunted house.
WARNING: Potential OOC Masq spoilers

11/19/2010: "MAYBE I LIKE PULSATING FLESH BISCUITS." "Well that's LUCKY then, ISN'T it!"

Part 2: Joel and Nathan meet the horror in the cellar and bicker all the way home.
WARNING: Potential OOC Masq spoilers

A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Post-punk, modern fusion. Not everyone has the kind of features that a shaved head can enhance. Fortunately, Nathan does, strong features in an appealingly sturdy oval face. His eyes are liquid brown, fringed with the sort of long, thick black lashes that give the illusion of liner, bright and keen beneath straight dark brows. His lips are full and his nose straight and long, hinting perhaps at eastern Europe. His body is lean and finely muscled, a hiker or bicyclist maybe, and he carries himself with an air of easy self-possession. Long, slim hands are well-worn, fingertips hard with calluses..

Nathan's got a uniform. 90% of the time, he'll be wearing black jeans, engineer boots, one or another of a rotating collection of button-down shirts, and a hat of some kind. He also wears what most people would probably consider too damn much jewelry: heavy silver rings, silver and leather bracelets of varying numbers and widths, and a few constant pieces. Among these are a silver pendant engraved with the Indian Om symbol, a necklace of carefully braided thin leather strips strung with black volcanic glass beads and bone pieces carved in the likeness of sleeping cats, and, out of place among all the silver on his hands, a carved bone ring with the head of a wildcat on his left ring finger.

Allies and Contacts
Kiddo Sermon on the Mount (507)
You're gonna go far, kid.
Lover Wondrous Love (159)
Leave your light on tonight.
Mystery Man Soar Away (455)
But can you get me to the airport on time?
Brother Friendship (CH 282)
You and me, man.
Bystander Greenwich (183)
Jesus, that was a bad date.
Unlucky Home in Heaven (41)
A bad break's not your fault but that doesn't always matter.
My Girl Fellowship (330b)
Do not mess with my little girl.
Mime or something Morality (136)
Wash your goddamn face.
In Small Things Forgotten

Joel pages: You have Charisma 3?
You paged Joel with 'I do.'
Joel pages: What is the score when you're not holding an instrument?
You paged Joel with 'Well, they don't let you record /negatives/....'

You text to Joel: im running the pawn shop now. fyi
You receive a text from Joel: whoever you are, give nathan back his phone
You text to Joel: god god music banjo neck punch
You receive a text from Joel: ok identity confirmed

Morgan says quietly "Alright. Compromise. Nathan - think about maybe doing it, once, just for Joel. In private. No pictures."

Comments added by Abyss: A WINNER IS YOU

<OOC> Nathan says, "I'm pretty sure this same thing happened to Jesus one time."

Destiny -- HOORAY NATHAN! You totally managed to not get stabbed, shot, thrown off a cliff, have your heart broken, OR get covered in poo! It's like a miracle!

Damian pages: Now there's love, "Baby! I bringded you a DEAD GUY!"
You paged Damian with 'Awww, babe, you're the greatest.'

Damian pages: Sure, but in the version *I* tell people, it's gonna be all heroic Nathan with his shirt flaring open, mightily proclaiming Stuff and Things while heavenly light shines through uh.. somewhere, and like, what'shername's head just EXPLODES off her neck by the sheer force of Nathan's awesome!

You receive a text from Damian: i luv you natan!

Long distance to Abyss: Nathan smash.
Abyss pages: More like "Nathan beat ineffectually"
You paged Abyss with 'Nathan slapfight.'
Abyss pages: Like a motherfucker?
You paged Abyss with 'Obviously.'

Joel pages: Are you really logging theis?
You paged Joel with 'fuck yes i am.'
Joel pages: i'm fucked lawl

You receive a text from Joel: your logic and music and love and never leavingness they comfort me
You receive a text from Joel: also probably the rod and the staff i heard they hit sheep w/those

[Public] Liane says, ">.> It's okay. Nathan is adorable and I'd gladly slash him with everyone :)"

Nathan was a weird kid
Everybody said so
Had a couple earrings
Carried round a banjo

He lived in an Airstream
Got some sweet flamingos
Talked 'bout Bosnia
Carried round a banjo...