From Masq
Name: Kevin Alan Kim

Nationality: U.S.A.
Occupation: Sound Engineer and Physicist
Demeanor: Architect
Apparent Age: 26

Nickname: Dr. Evil, Evil Kevin


"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

RP Hooks
  • Come and get your fresh, hot, science!
  • University student in the Ph.D program for Physics.
  • Music! Kevin is a musician and loves to play.
  • Sound Engineer, that's what he does if you need assistance with a sound system, stage performance, studio time, etc.
  • Former Military, Kevin was in the Navy.
  • Kevin is Buddhist and a strict vegetarian, how about you?
  • Kevin is a martial arts practitioner, maybe we can work out together.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

There are taller men, but Kevin brings a certain presence to his five feet and eight inches of height that is not unlike the eye of a storm. He has pale blond hair, almost a platinum hue, that flows in free wavy locks to mid-back and tempest gray eyes. His complexion is light but with high cheek bones and a faintly almond shape to his eyes he could have a smattering of blood that originates anywhere from Asia to Native America. With a nose that is upturned just slightly at the tip and expressive lips he seem perpetually to hold bear a faint, yet knowing, smile.

Kevin wears a black, ribbed knit turtle neck sweater that picks out the definition in his his chest and arms. He has broad shoulders and a narrow waist so it is not easy for the garment to hide such detail despite being worn comfortably rather than tight. Continuing the dark theme, Kevin wears a pair of black slacks that flow down to partially cover his black cloth shoes.

Allies and Contacts
Light. Truth? That is something we can find together. Understanding. Brother I am in your debt. Enigma. We are friends aren't we?
Unknown. Just a college student... Are you really? Wonder. We are all glorious specks. Perspective. Passion is purpose and it reflects your inner truth.
Torchbearer. Do not falter; I mistook inaction for patience but shall not again. Interesting. I see you around; We often are in the same places when things go wrong. Perky. I paid up; One more 'victim' of the Petra tax?
Willow-the-Wisp. Pretty friends; Dangerous, yet who can complain? Warder. Let's have a drink! ... is that a rifle, or... Gonzo. Old war stories; And new horror stories.
Law. There is a rhythm to all things even anger.