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Name: Sitala Richardson

Nationality: Californian
Occupation: Journalist with the Albuquerque Tribune
Demeanor: Pedagogue
Apparent Age: Early twenties

Nickname: Sita

"Are you just unaware of things or do you know something everyone else doesn't?"
Curtis Denton

"...There are stories out there... I wanna know /why/ people turn to crime, why they hurt fellow humans. Why they turn their back on society and go walking into those dark places."
RP Hooks
  • Got a story to tell? She might try and get it published!
  • (Fame 1) Have you read her recently-published book? Albuquerque, the Hidden Cultures
  • Like hanging out in parks or on roofs?
  • Total caffeine fiend. Anywhere with coffee will eventually have a Sita.
  • Her mother's side of the family are Miwok tribe, Native Americans. Perhaps there's a link? She speaks Navajo as well as the Miwok dialect.
  • Page me and we'll work something out!
A Glimpse Within
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Physical Description

This is a young woman in her early twenties, with a slim form that's a few meals away from being boney, and quite fragile-looking. She's about five and a half feet tall. Her face isn't classically pretty, although it's not unattractive - merely average. Fairly long in chin and with visible cheekbones, eyes dark enough to look black and an expressive mouth. Her hair is black and falls a little way past her shoulders. Her skin is lightly tanned in a natural sort of way and she wears no makeup.

Allies and Contacts
Hmmmmmm. So, boss man... How about that trust? Coffeeeeee. Cops are to coffee, as... Well... same as I am. People arent so bad So much fun to hang out with! I think we're friends.
Zomg. So, like, the coffee was good and we had a good chat, Do you think we'll ever stop? :D Bodyguard? I've not seen you much since... But I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. Baked goods! I'm sorry your place of work got blown up. And I appreciate the caring!
§Curtis §
We had proof. I like you, you're straightforward. I hope we talk again soon. Serious. So, that was... I won't be forgetting it in a hurry. Biker You've taught me so much, I don't want these lessons to stop.
Moar picnics. A girl can never be too armed. I'll ask more questions next time. Serious. I admire what you do, but we're gonna get you out more! Research Three little girls sitting in a tree... What other knowedge do you have for me?
Numbah two! I think it'll take a while. But I'll earn your trust. Maybe respect, too! Fighter. Not all fights are with your fists, I don't know how many we can help you win. Editor A chance encounter leading to business! I can't wait to see what's hiding on those shelves.
The 5-0 I'm still figuring you out. I'm pretty sure you're one of the good guys. . There's just something about you... It freaks me the heck out. Small but scary! I'm glad we hit it off so well. (Has anyone told you you're kinda scary?)
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