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Name: Peter Carbone

Nationality: Italian American
Occupation: 'Legitimate" Business Man
Demeanor: Bravo
Apparent Age: Early 30s.

Nickname: Boss


Peter nods. "Yeah, you look like an uptight bitch that needs to be fucked long and hard by someone. The office bitch. The one you know whose husband stopped putting out." He reaches into his pocket and takes out a pack of cigarettes. "You allowed to smoke on the job or they take that away from you too?"."
Peter to Sarah

""When you hear the name Mr. Carbone I want you to remember it with fear and terror. I have no problem taking your life.""
Peter to someone who made him angry

RP Hooks
  • Underworld Influence 2
  • Business Influence 2
None yet!
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A Glimpse Within

The man is a monster. Not literally, but almost as literal as you can get before verging on the supernatural. First off, he's huge. He stands well over six and a half feet tall, and is all workman muscle. That layer of good living over the hard work. All told he probably weighs in close to the four hundred pound mark. Over this physique he wears a very good quality suit.

Secondly, he's ugly. Not the sort of ugly that only a mother could love, because it's hard to imagine even a mother would love a face like his. His eyes are small, beady and very deep set. His brow ridge is prominent, as are the deep thick wrinkles leading from the brow to his slick backed, oiled black hair. Below his eyes is a reasonable nose, but the mouth is too large, almost basslike and the teeth inside seem to have been filed down to sharp points.

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Allies and Contacts
Capiche? My problems are his problems as well.. Capiche?.

. Has anyone seen my baby? Seems shes made herself a rolling stone. Where do rumours start? Equals?. So close, yet so far.
. I don't think you like me very much. That's okay, profits aren't personal. . His old lady. What separates us, is what keeps us so close . You're good. I'll excuse the ego.
. Places. We all have 'em. Don't forget yours. . Loyalty. You get it. I'm glad you joined. . How you like that car? That's how I like her.
. An honest cop? I would never have believed it until you. . The rolling stone? Ain't seen her. . An investment Will pay off for both of us.