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Name: Lucy Boltzmann

Nationality: American
Occupation: Elementary School Student
Demeanor: Thrill Seeker / Masochist (but thrives on fear, not pain)
Apparent Age: 9

Nickname: What, 'Lucy' is too long for you?

"I'm afraid I don't see things like you do. I mean it: I'm afraid. What if the things I find beautiful drive you mad? What if they hollow you out like clever little squirrels getting nuts for the winter, except the nuts are your eyes, and winter is, I don't know, maybe the Rapture or something? And I'm just smiling while your face gets ripped apart because I think it's beautiful? "
Genius: the Transgression

"Insert witty quote."
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A Glimpse Within
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Allies and Contacts
Joan Amanda Boltzmann
Marlena Adams
Quentin Cyrus Kensington
Her Majesty the Queen. My mother. She'll wrap you around her finger and you won't even know it. The Lady in Waiting. Mom's minion. Delightfully obedient, and almost as awesome as me! I hope mom keeps her. The High Priest. Uncle Q! Won't show me his scars. Meanie. I bet they're awesome. :(
Natsuki Yazawa
The Squire. She's fun! I wish she'd come visit more often, though. Or move in! The Paladin. She's gonna teach me how to ride a motorcycle! But what's her full name anyway?. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.