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Name: Dr. Wren Morgan

Nationality: American
Occupation: Psychologist
Other Job: APD Shrink
Demeanor: Confidant
Apparent Age: Mid 20's

Nickname: Red
Height: 5'4
Hair: Curly Red
Eyes: Green

Pet Dodger aka Cujo

"..you are the sum of your life's experiences. What you leave behind is just a reflection of what you were, not who you are."

"Welcome to Wren, she is drawn to Trouble like a moth to flame.. or it's drawn to her, or maybe it's some sort of mutual attraction type thing.. like.. like.." Katie tries to think of a good analogy, but attraction is actually something Katie doesn't get very well and she has to go with, "chicks to chocolate. She always finds the worst kinds too."
RP Hooks
Thanks Zack!
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
It's the hair that usually attracts attention first. Wild curls tumble about this woman's head in a gold laced auburn that is distinctive and impossible to reproduce. A delicate facial structure is augmented with cat eyes in a deep jade, peachy freckle touched skin, and full wide lips. She's memorable in that double glance sort of way.
People I Know
Andrea Zane Elly Liane Joel Katie Zack Maxine
Secrets are best kept quiet. Its a rare person who is willing to see the good in the bad. I still don't get why you trust me. The salt was a bit much, you think? You know everything there is to know about me. You give the best Christmas Presents. Hell froze over: -You- helped me. Dream sweet dreams. I'll keep the rest away.