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Name: William Greene
Class photo time!

Nationality: Canada, eh!
Occupation: Sophomore Anthropology student, UNM
Age: 21

Nickname: Bill
Played-by: Rudy Youngblood

"Bro, do you even lift?"

"Letting Petra and Jai do the talking is a lot like letting the sun do the shining."

"Some people fight evil with grenades and rocket launchers. Some fight it with politics and law. Damian fights it with toe shoes and perfect splits."
RP Hooks
  • Bill is a student at the University. What better hook!
  • How about this one: Bill is CANADIAN, eh!
  • If that wasn't enough, he's also a Native American (Canadian? First Nations Person!)
  • Do you like to work out? Bill does. At the park or the The Jungle Gym
  • I'm sure we can figure something out.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Standing about six feet tall and weighing in around 195 pounds, this young man has a distinctly athletic form. The kind of person who exercises daily. His dark skin, high cheekbones, and angular features place him squarely in the Native side of the spectrum. He is a handsome young man who seems to carry himself with confidence and grace. He's probably in his early twenties though who can tell with kids these days. His jet black hair has a little curl to it, at least judging by the few strands that escape the pony tail he currently has it drawn into. Both ears are pierced with a pair of dangling disks adorning them.

Playlist (Created by Tara and Damian and bears no resemblance to Bill. Thanks, you two!)
People he knows
Heeey buddy! Someone like me! Now I don't have to be surrounded by old people all the time. Nice Fro Thin as a firepole. Warm as a Tauntaun Baristrix It worked! See? I wasn't a pedo after all.
Mrs. Malekar! What do you see through that camera? Better yet, what have you SEEN through that camera? TAXI! Need a lift? PS. Where is your wife? Barely Legal Tell your boss I need an appointment -- These feet aren't going to teach themselves how to dance
Big Boss Business mogul?! I guess they grow up fast in Texas! Sure and Begorrah Hard to understand at times -- Must be all that whiskey Little Buddy He's a good kid -- Let's see how long that lasts!
Blonde beauty UFOs, Aliens, Chupacabrah, oh my! -- Got room for a college student in that list? Irish Eyes a'Smiling Welcome back! The desert could use a little Irish rain. Party Time! Do you like to party? Do you want to?
Detective Awesome Hey Mrs. Fairburn! Do you have any leftovers? Temper temper. You sure got a big mouth. Let's see it smile instead. Ink Master He's a cool cat. And he's got a tattoo gun. What more do you need?
Prettyboy Ally might be a little strong. But he seems somewhat dependable

Where did you go?

Abducted by aliens? Abducted by aliens? Into the Wild Into the Wild Weirdo Lost in the library?
SCIENCE! Lab experiment went wrong? Found a pretzel? Gypsy's can't stay in one place for too long, can they? Snow White Are you a ghost? You are now!
Bookbinder The only thing longer than her hair is her legs. Nerd Alert Audio-acoustic engineer/Buddhist For all my zen acoustic needs. Pebbles Vehicle! Do you prefer hobo or bum? And what's that in your pocket?
Gymnist Southern accent. Can do the splits! Legal Eagle? I think I have a lawyer -- Now, to get arrested!
OOC Quotes
Zane: One pose more... Another scene of witty repartee... This never-ending road to more RP... These people entering my store, I've never seen them all before... one pose more...

Tara: I'm not sure I should join this scene... Although their RP is sublime...

Bill: One pose more...

Tara: There is a work thing I can't miss... and it's already past my bedtime...

Bill: One more awkward IC hug...

Tara: Do I follow them inside?

Zane: One more NPC emitted...

Tara: Do I join the players there?!

Petra: Hey, at least you won't be bored...!

Tara: Do I stay and do I dare?

Jai: Will you take your place with us?

All: The time is NOW... the RP's HERE!!!!

Zane: One pose more!

Bill: One MORE awkward IC hug!!!

Tara: Will I ever sleep again?!

Petra: Who needs sleep when there is RP?

Tara: I can not stay up all night!

Jai: This scene will not last 'til dawn..

Jai & Petra: And we swear it will be fun...

Tara: My place is here... I play with youuuuu!

All: One pose more!

Tara: Tomorrow I'll regret I stayed, tomorrow I'll be wrecked all day...

All: Tomorrow we'll discover what our RP madness has in store.... One more dawn... One more day... ONE POSE MORE! :)

-- Credit to Tara <3

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